Parent Life

Brokenness into Beauty

Brokenness Into Beauty 

Stricken by poverty, domestic violence, substance abuse, loneliness, and isolation, teen mothers find refuge in the Parent Life® Wichita program. 


Youth for Christ is creating community and fellowship. Volunteers pour love and wisdom into the girls, giving them safety and hope. This space is their Church, where they meet God in the hard and broken places of their lives. 


Girls have an opportunity to recreate their futures and the futures of their children through YFC’s GED program.

Sponsor a Child

Across the globe, education is accepted as a key to a promising future. In Rwanda, however, public education is crippled by a severe lack of resources. As a result, the poorer a child’s background is, the poorer his or her education opportunities—thus locking families into cycles of poverty. Youth Unlimited has partnered with Kigali Christian School (KCS) and generous partners like you to provide life-changing scholarships to the one-third of students at KCS who cannot afford their school fees. KCS offers students an exceptional education, training leaders in all fields to move Rwanda children, families, and their entire country forward. Every student at the school receives a hot lunch, but it is especially important for the sponsored students as this lunch may be the only meal they eat during the day. As well, Rwanda YFC employs a gifted social worker that communicates with the sponsored students and their families in order to work with them through the challenges that they face.

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