The Good Samaritan

Our Story : 

Due to the increasing number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, churches have become flooded with refugees who are seeking physical, emotional and spiritual aid. As our mission statement says, we aim to help all youth in Lebanon from any people group, so YFC Lebanon is working hand in hand to help the church reach out to the Syrian youth by equipping leaders and starting outreach clubs.

Our compassion ministry is fulfilled through:

  • Outreach Clubs: Our outreach club for Syrian refugees consists of games, a biblical message, and dinner. The main focus of these clubs is to offer hope to the Syrians while working in collaboration with local churches in Lebanon.
  • Holiday Events: For special occasions such as Christmas and Easter.

Summer Camp: Syrian refugee youth are always thrilled to join our day camp organized by our “Leader in Training” youth leaders.

Literature Distribution: At our Syrian refugee ministries, we distribute Arabic Christian literature that helps explain the Gospel in more relatable terms.

  • Food Packing: Our discipleship groups and other youth come together once a month to pack food for refugee families.

Our Story

Youth for Christ (YFC) was founded in Lebanon in 1963 by Lenn Rogers, an American missionary, who was the National Director of YFC Lebanon until 1971.

John Sagherian was the National Director of  YFCL until 2010. During Sagherian’s time as a National Director, Youth for Christ Lebanon was known for its choir ministry for over 30 years, which was an effective tool for evangelism and a blessing to the many generations who participated in this choir.

In 2012, Maher El Hajj, who joined the full time staff of YFCL in 2003, became the new National Director in 2012. YFC in Lebanon is one of the most active organizations participating in youth work in Lebanon. Our ministry is known for its camps, clubs, and presence on school campuses. Over the years, we have also been training hundreds of youth leaders who serve in churches. We believe that it is one of our most important accomplishments as it has a lifelong impact on youth ministry and church life.  In 2012, YFCL also launched a compassion ministry to reach the many refugees residing in our country.


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