Interview Techniques 

3 hours 

Position, light, angle and sound. Just a few of the things to be mindful of as we film interview. In this module we will look at traditional and non traditional interview techniques.

Chapter 1 : An Introduction to the Basics

As it suggests, let’s look at the basics element of a studio interview.


Chapter 2 : Lets talk about shot types.

To get the best out of our production time we need to understand the language.


Chapter 3 : B-Roll with me

You can laugh, smile and do a noddy.


Chapter 4 : Hide the mic

Sound is an import part of the process. So where to we put the mic and what level should the sound be recorded.


Chapter 5 : Walk and pan with me

We don’t always need to be static, but when we move around it presents a whole new level of production.


Chapter 5 : Edit like a pro

Editing can be time consuming. And yes it’s going to take a while – so lets look at how we can streamline the process. 


Martin Ainsworth

Director of Media Ministries YFC

From a professional media background and joined YFC International in 2013 after engaging in a media project across Asia Pacific, seeing the desire within staff to engage at a professional level within their missional field. Now the Director of Media Ministries, his role is to create strategies and staff training programs that help engage in a digital mission field.