To order your copy of the Bakaa Valley coffee table book and support the ministry in the Bakaa Valley and  enable more projects like this. (Currently taking Pre-Orders – Delivery with start Sept 13th)

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A 60 Page Coffee Table Book full of pictures taken by YFC Youth in the Bakaa Valley Tent Community in Lebanon:


No matter where you go in the world you will always find one cheeky character. The one that not only captures your heart, but gives you the excitement that what you are doing is worth that little extra.

It was a very hot and sticky day in the Bekkaa Valley, and it’s a 90 minute drive from the National Office. The youth were very excited, they knew they’d be learning how to take pictures and playing with cameras. So, after spending some time sharing through translation, off we went.

The results are fantastic, 60 pages full of beautiful pictures of their homes, friends and family. This is the first book in the series “Through Their Eyes” and we look forward to more youth around the world giving you a glimpse of life according to them.  

The books will be sold for £20 each. The money will support youth in the Bekkaa Valley and enable more projects like this to happen. You can buy a copy directly from us or go to the top of this page and order through PayPal.



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