Campaigns 3 hours 

Creating campaigns and guiding your audience to where you want them go. Let’s look at how we use the tools and resources available to us.

Chapter 1 : Who is out target audience

Let’s sort out who the message is for and what we want them to do.

10 mins.

Chapter 2 : What platforms are we using

From MailChimp to Tik Tok, lets look at the format for our messages

10 mins.

Chapter 3 : Platform Specific Landing Pages

If they can’t hear you they will new understand.

5 mins.

Chapter 4 : The Strategy

The plan
the timeframe
the need
the story
the ask
the cost
the thank you.

1 min.

Chapter 5 : The Content

What is it, where does is come from and how do we stay on subject without making the ask or the content to big.

10 mins.

Chapter 6 : The follow ups

Crowd vs Kick vs Appeal // What are you asking your audience and how to do the follow ups.

10 mins.

Chapter 7 : Credability

Why you, your cause or your ideas. Building a library of content for your audience before you publish anything new.

10 mins.

Chapter 10 : Monitoring and Progress

How to monitor progress and keep your audience informed

10 mins.

Martin Ainsworth

Director of Media Ministries YFC

From a professional media background and joined YFC International in 2013 after engaging in a media project across Asia Pacific, seeing the desire within staff to engage at a professional level within their missional field. Now the Director of Media Ministries, his role is to create strategies and staff training programs that help engage in a digital mission field.